Joeys at Home – With Jeremy Redwin

Year 12 student Jeremy Redwin shares with us an insight as to how he is handling continuing to learn from home.

Name: Jeremy Redwin
Favourite subject: Biology/English
Favourite sport: Rugby
Favourite meal at school: Chicken schnity

What do you miss most about being at Joeys? Being around everyone; the sound of 200 energetic boys in our year.

In hindsight, what did you take for granted before the lockdown? The value of face to face learning.

What have you learnt about yourself, through Offsite learning? It has strengthened my ability to work hard without direction of others, and my ability to self-motivate.

How have you maintained your focus and motivation whilst learning offsite? Making sure to take proper breaks when possible. Stepping away from work and exercising has allowed me to refresh and apply newly found motivation.

What advice would you pass on to a boy in Years 7 and 8? Take this time as opportunity to excel in various areas of school, be that academic or sport. Make effort to genuinely reach out to friends.

Favourite meal you have had at home? Funnily enough, I’ve loved still having Chicken schnity on a Monday night

What has been your favourite part of continuing to learn from home? I have definitely enjoyed sleeping in a bit more and being slightly more flexible with study times. Not having to wear a tie is also pretty good.

What personal traits will you better utilise when you return to Joeys I’ve been lucky enough to learn how hard I can work, even without the daily structure and support that school provides. I aim to implement this when we return soon.

What part of your normal day are you missing the most? Walking to the dining hall together and being able to sit down at any table and talk to a wide variety of people while enjoying a meal.

What does being a ‘Joeys Boy’ mean to you? The college has become synonymous with a close community spirit over its many years. Being a ‘Joeys boy’ means being part of an undeniable bond of families, teachers and students both past and present whilst striving to contribute to our long tradition of mateship, resilience and integrity.