Joeys at Home – With Darcy Creagh

Year 12 student Darcy Creagh, shares with us an insight as to how he is handling continuing to learn from home.

Name: Darcy Creagh
Favourite subject: English
Favourite sport: Rugby
Favourite meal at school: Beef Ragu with Potatoes – Mmmm delicious!

What do you miss most about being at Joeys? I miss rugby training the most, and being able to interact with the boys and having some quality banter.

In hindsight, what did you take for granted before the lockdown? Learning in a classroom environment with face-to-face learning with our teachers. The classroom spaces are so well-equipped for maximising our learning potential… it’s difficult to say the same thing at home.

What have you learnt about yourself, through Offsite learning? I have a great tendency to become easily distracted, but I do know that with some stern discipline I can stay on task; only it requires a bit more than effort.

How have you maintained your focus and motivation whilst learning offsite? For the most part, although it’s important to note no matter where students conduct their learning – distractions and a lack of motivation are inevitable aspects of school life.

What advice would you pass on to a boy in Years 7 and 8? Of the many great things about being a Joeys Boy is that we’re resilient and determined, and I know we’ll pull through in tough times like these. I say to you year 7 and 8 lads, stick at it and make sure you stay in contact with your mates so you can continue to develop those relationships you haven’t had the privilege of fully experiencing. And more, remember to stay fit and active – one of the best ways to maintain morale.

Favourite meal you have had at home? All of them. Too difficult to choose.

What has been your favourite part of continuing to learn from home?Being able to sleep in my own bed without a doubt.

What personal traits will you better utilise when you return to Joeys? I believe I will exercise my patience far more, and have a greater understanding and appreciation for the work put in by all staff members who have been doing their best to see things return to normal. 

What part of your normal day are you missing the most? Mr Danny Sidgreaves’ wake-ups in the morning. No one is there to comment on whether it’s a rip-snorter of a day, or simply time to get out of bed. But also, the simple interactions with my mates at mealtimes and exchange of laughs. 

What does being a ‘Joeys Boy’ mean to you? Being a Joeys Boy means many things to me, but given current circumstances – that image has had to change and develop accordingly. I believe a Joeys Boy is a resilient individual who carries on with the expected task with minimal complaint, and always performs to the best of their ability, and is always there to help carry the load of their mates when they’re struggling and offer a helping hand. A Joeys Boy embodies the concept of brotherhood.