As the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, we are all commemorating important celebrations and anniversaries in different ways. For all Australians, ANZAC Day is an especially important day, and something that brings together communities in such profound ways.  

Like many Australians, a great number of Joe boys and their families took part in the ‘Light up the Dawn’ initiative which saw households, streets and neighbourhoods all stand together at dawn to pause and reflect on the sacrifice and service of many Australians. It was a powerful and unique opportunity to come together amidst these ‘physically distant’ restrictions.

This year, Joeys boys were invited to submit photos of themselves wearing medals as the Mission office commemorated the day in the first week of Term 2 with a special video liturgy. It was an important reminder to all students and staff that we must continue to honour and remember all those who have served our country, and all as a Joeys community, we especially remember those Old Boys who paid the ultimate sacrifice.