Joeys at Home – With Jack Lennon

Year 8 boarder Jack Lennon, shares with us an insight as to how he handled continuing to learn from home.

Name: Jack Lennon
Favourite subject: Technology
Favourite sport: Rugby
Favourite meal at school: Chicken Schnitzel

What did you miss most about being at Joeys?  I miss being able to be assisted by staff also hanging out with my mates and playing footy. 

In hindsight, what did you take for granted before the lockdown? The support from the staff at Joeys and how much effort they put into teaching and direction us.

What have you learnt about yourself, through Offsite learning? That I like the direction that is given by the staff at Joeys and how it makes it easy for the boys.

How have you maintained your focus and motivation whilst learning offsite?  Footy training and being able to take my self into an area where I can knuckle down and focus on my school work.

Favourite meal you have had at home? Spaghetti Carbonara

What has been your favourite part of continuing to learn from home?  I think the combination of doing school work then riding horses, tractors and motorbikes is good.

What personal traits will you better utilise when you return to Joeys? To respect and appreciate the work and effort that the staff and teachers put in more.

What part of your normal day are you missing the most? Being able to play touch footy with my mates on the back ovals after a long night of study.

What does the city / country connection at the College mean to you? It means a lot because there aren’t many places where you can be from anywhere and also be a part of a safe community where everyone has a good bond.

What does being a ‘Joeys Boy’ mean to you? To be respectful, disciplined a to help anyone out no matter who they are when they need it.