Joeys at Home – With Michael Purtle

Year 12 student Michael Purtle shares with us an insight as to how he was handling continuing to learn from home.

Name: Michael Purtle
Favourite subject: Agriculture
Favourite sport: Rugby
Favourite meal at school: Monday night chicken Schnitzel

What do you miss most about being at Joeys? I miss seeing my mates every day. Being able to go out with them on the weekend and playing sport with the boys has always been a highlight during my time at Joeys.

In hindsight, what did you take for granted before the lockdown? I took for granted the day-to-day activities that I could do with my mates without thinking twice, but now we can’t go to each other’s room or even shake hands. It is going to take a while to get used to.

What have you learnt about yourself, through Offsite learning? I have learnt how hard my school teachers work to ensure that we are provided with every opportunity possible. For many boys including myself we think that the lesson starts and finishes at the bell but really the amount of hours that our hardworking teachers put in without seeking praise is quiet unbelievable and I will certainly show more appreciation towards them.

Has your appreciation for your education and Joeys changed through this period of isolation? Yes, simply due to the fact that I know how hard my parents work to send me to such a magnificent school also knowing that I have to submit school work on a daily basis to ensure that I am up to date.

What advice would you pass on to a boy in Years 7 and 8? Be the best bloke you can be, and you will find your time at Joeys very pleasant. Also take advantage of every opportunity. There are so many great opportunities at Joeys but they will go out the window fast, so when one arises make sure you hit the ground running and do everything in your favour to excel at the opportunity provided.

Favourite meal you have had at home? My favourite meal at home is probably the roasts on a Sunday evening before we commence another busy week.

What has been your favourite part of continuing to learn from home? My favourite part of online learning is the flexibility to complete my school work early, and then to go out and work with dad.

What personal traits will you better utilise when you return to Joeys? To improve my self-discipline with my studies and ensure that I am switched on for every minute of every period.

What part of your normal day are you missing the most? The part of my normal day that I miss the most, is just being around my mates and having the everyday structure and routine that we have onsite at Joeys.

What does being a ‘Joeys Boy’ mean to you? A Joeys boy to me is someone that is respectful, approachable and always looking out for the people around them.