The Headmaster recently recognised boys in Year 11 and 12 who have made ongoing contributions to the musical life of the College.

The Cerise and Blue Pin is awarded to boys in their senior years of schooling who have made a conscious effort to maintain subscription to ensemble involvement. Seen as role models to boys in the earlier years, these boys humbly contribute their abilities to various musical teams whilst balancing academic demands.

Many of these students have steadily moved through the various tiers of ensemble offerings during their journey at the College. This has culminated in numerous performance opportunities, music camps, workshops, recording sessions, festivals and eisteddfods, performing arts tours, musicals and liturgies. It is fitting that these pins are reserved for these students as a symbol of affirmation and recognition of their unwavering involvement in giving over the gift of music to the community.

Above: The 2020 recipients of the Cerise and Blue pins.

In their own unique way, each of these boys have demonstrated leadership capacity; stepping forward to share their musical abilities with others. Each week, boys commit to turning up to early morning or lunchtime rehearsals. They ongoingly provided a benchmark for other boys as living examples of actioning on our STRIVE dispositions.

These senior students often have become the go-to boys to lead with Music for liturgical gatherings (Wednesday Mass, Boarders Mass) contributing repertoire to amplify communal prayers and reflections.   In fact, there have been occasions where these boys have been brave enough to share their own compositions; opening the door to younger boys to have the confidence to share their own creations too.

Whilst 2020 has been an incredibly unusual year for music activity, these boys are deserving of these pins as they wholeheartedly live out the values of the College. The commitment that these students display is worthy of this prestigious accolade. 

Music plays an intrinsic part in the lives of many of our Joe Boys. The scope and depth of each students passion for their respective instrument, vocal performance or music group is deeply personal and rewarding.

I spend a great portion of my time in the music centre practicing, and it has never been a chore for me, as it has offered me an escape. Music has always been a source of relaxation, and there is nothing I enjoy more than being in the car, listening to music, belting my lungs out. I believe music provides the opportunity to connect with others on a much deeper level than a simple conversation. And I am sure I will continue to use music as a way of connecting with others well beyond Year 12. – Zac Burgess (Year 12)

Music means a lot to many of the boys and wider community here at Joeys. During my time here, I have definitely seen a growing interest in the music program, which has broadened the education experience for us all. – Louis Walton (Year 11)

For me personally, music provides a lot of satisfaction and brings great enjoyment. I have to say that it has helped me balance some of the pressures of school life, as it provides that quiet moment away, where I can reflect upon myself. – David Talifero (Year 11)

Above: Louis Walton and David Talifero (Year 11), Zac Burgess (Year 12) and Headmaster Dr Chris Hayes at the recent Cerise and Blue pin presentation.

We congratulate the following boys for their contributions:

Year 12 Cerise and Blue pin recipients

  • Harrison Snell (Captain of Music, 2020):
    Big Band, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Lower Brass Ensemble, Jazz Improvisation Group, Brass Advancement Ensemble, Liturgical Music
  • Thomas Mah Chut:
    Big Band, Jazz Improvisation Group,
  • Nicholas Kochanowicz:
    Big Band, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Jazz Improvisation Group, Liturgical Music
  • Liam O’Connell:
    Liturgical Music
  • Sebastian Melki:
    College Cantor, Liturgical Music
  • Zac Burgess:
    Advanced Vocal Ensemble, Liturgical Music
  • Alex Kraa:
    Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Liturgical Music
  • Max Pomirski:
    Lower Brass Ensemble, Liturgical Music
  • Shannon Singleton:
    Big Band, Lower Brass Ensemble
  • Brendan Zenere:
    Chamber Strings, Liturgical Music

Year 11 Cerise and Blue pin recipients

  • Anthony Bechara:
    Advanced Vocal Ensemble, Liturgical Music
  • Bill Turner:
    Liturgical Music
  • Louis Walton:
    Advance Vocal Ensemble, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Liturgical Music
  • Mason Peckham:
    Liturgical Music
  • David Talifero:
    Big Band, Symphonic Wind Ensemble